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The Strong Arm Appliance team offers In-home appliance repair on most all major brands! Free expert advice on potential new purchases.




Water Damage Repair and Restoration12495108_1125859907456729_3436848725537820476_n

Water damage happens for a variety of reasons, including plumbing leaks, burst or broken pipes and hoses, washing machine overflow, a clogged toilet, moisture behind walls, a leaking roof, or foundation cracks.


In a matter of moments, carpet, wood floors, baseboard, walls and ceilings, and personal property can be flooded with water. Water damage occurs quickly and can wreak havoc on your home, but we can help!


When disaster strikes our goal is to restore your home and peace of mind as quickly as possible. Our team of trained, caring and professional water damage technicians are here for you.


We will be on site quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a rapid response, floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored.


Our staff will give you the personal attention you deserve.





Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

When it comes to dealing with fire damage to your home or business, there’s no such thing as a “small” fire. The aftermath of any fire is a big deal.


The smoke, heat, soot, odor, extinguisher powder, and water from a fire will not only affect the known structure and contents of your home or business, but will reach areas not normally visible to an untrained eye.


The Strong Arm Services team is always ready to address and mitigate any fire related damage quickly and expertly.


We will be on site quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.









Mold Remediation and RestorationMold-Removal-Remediation-Kahului-Maui-1

Mold remediation and restoration is best performed by trained experts that understand proper mold removal. You want mold gone, not covered up.


If mold is not properly removed, it can contaminate other areas on the property.


Our proven mold removal system will quickly get your property back on track.





Carpet Cleaningcarpet111

Getting professional carpet cleaning services that truly address your individual needs can be tricky and sometimes difficult.


It is important to get a service provider with extensive experience, vast knowledge of carpet cleaning techniques, and a complete suite of services.


Thanks to the dedication of our experienced professionals, Strong Arm Services is the number one choice for carpet cleaning services.




Hard Surface Cleaning12717970_1123280227714697_2416692829655611018_n

Strong Arm Services uses our signature cleaning process to clean a variety of hard surfaces inside and outside your home.


We can clean tile, grout, stamped concrete, marble,  finished & unfinished concrete, granite counter-tops,  and shower walls.





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Whether it’s appliance repair, carpet cleaning, professional restoration services, or hard service cleaning ~  


Strong Arm Services has the solution!