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How unplanned development is hurting Kerala's ecological balanceHow Indian game developers are getting strangers to fund projects25% women reporting irregular periods due to lockdown, Covid stress: DocsWe have sent you a verification email. While we can plan for the future, plans don’t, on many occasions, manifest themselves to our expectations.Some readers having read my column got back to me saying that they have realised cooking as a true life skill and have channelled some of their energies into cooking for themselves and others during the lockdown, but most didn’t realise that they were in it for the long haul. All rights reserved. With this pandemic having destroyed most of what we identified as ‘life’ in general, there certainly are some silver linings — reduction of pollution and the GIY movement being the top two perhaps — where more and more people across the world are now trying to grow their food, the best they can.In essence indeed, it’s planting your own green shoots when there don’t seem to be many around, metaphorically.It is said that whatever you hear about India is true. In my fridge there are tens of containers of various sizes, neatly labelled, courtesy my 12-year-old who has taken food labelling to be a project of her own. The stunning scarp stir fry While I write this column, sat in the middle of July, we still have no idea when we will get back to our normal lives.It was said that ‘Circumstances are the rulers of the weak’ and, yet, with all our strengths we find the present circumstances almost completely ruling our lives and times. It has always been very painful for me to see edible foods being wasted or not being attempted to be put to palatable usage. The point I am making, perhaps, is that the present moment is the only moment we can control. While it is perfectly understandable to aim for the tawa-fresh roti and freshly-cooked curries, we need to look beyond, open our minds and taste buds to the recipes that can be created with the foods that we discard.I have been a practitioner of zero-waste cooking for long, trying to inculcate it in my friends and family. Let us discuss this trend of the ‘sustainable’ form of cooking, which is no more a fad now, especially with the realisation that short supply of food ingredients is independent of our capacity to be able to buy them.Although we are now discussing using peels and piths and skin, accomplished chefs and mindful individuals across the globe have been practising, endorsing and extolling the virtues of zero-waste cooking for long.Well, apart from the obvious, that we must respect food ingredients and aim towards consuming them in a sustainable way, using each bit possible, it is also true that food wastage is a huge global problem. Coming from a farmer family, I can tell you with some aplomb that once you know what it takes for a farmer to cultivate food, chances are, you will have an entirely different view of food wastage.One can start small, with some herbs such as parsley, coriander or mint, and then go on to some vegetables such as tomatoes, chillies and brinjals that can be easily grown in pots. Since then, Vikas has worked as an actor and as a dialogue coach.

Indeed, if a penny saved is a penny earned, a combo of discarded peels and piths can surely be a meal earned and we will see how.Buy containers of all sizes. He is known mainly for his performance of an honest yet adamant cop in YRF TV's Khotey Sikkey, and for his work as dialogue coach in Hindi films like Ishqiya, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Udaan.And as a Cop on the show CID. On Monday, there was a happy post by the actress where she was seen all smiles as she held twin babies - Abeer and Abeera in her arms.Close friend of Sushant Singh Rajput, Vikas Gupta has asked those fighting for the late actor not to accuse anyone of murder based on their 'reasoning and gut'.Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki actress, Kamya Panjabi has called out Rhea Chakraborty for leaking her chats with Sushant Singh Rajput where he called his sister 'manipulative. I had suddenly realised that my article was specifically on the then newly actuated ‘lockdown’ as a theme and that the lockdown was about to end that week as was the given guidance of the time and that if the article was published after the lockdown was over, readers  might not relate to it well.Little did I know.

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