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This effort is complicated by crossing traffic, severe weather, special missions that require large airspace allocations, and traffic density.

Night instrument meteorological conditions prevailed.After arriving to the facility, the SCT air traffic controllers in the Del Ray area combined the operational control positions to the Manhattan sector position.At 0116:00, LAX air traffic controllers instructed the pilot of EVA015 to line up and wait on runway 07L; the pilot requested runway 07R and the air traffic controller instructed EVA015 to line up and wait on runway 07R. There are several QA specialists within the group and each is assigned a group of airports or facilities to be responsible for; a WSA QA specialist was responsible for SCT. The firsts electronic flight strips systems were independently and simultaneously invented and implemented by Nav Canada and Saipher ATC in 1999. E-strips allows controllers to manage electronic flight data online without paper strips, reducing the need for manual functions, creating new tools and reducing the ATCO's workload. separated horizontally by radar if the altitude between the aircraft is less than one thousand feet.
He had previously worked at SCT and recognized the severity of the loss of separation with terrain and obstructions. There was no damage reported to the aircraft, and no reported injuries to the passengers or crew.Due to weather in the area, LAX was operating in an east flow configuration with aircraft departing to the east. At 0123:24, the SCT Manhattan controller called the Los Angeles arrivals sector air traffic controller and requested a point out reference EVA015. picture utilizing a mosaic grid composed of radar sort boxes.FAA Order JO 7210.3, Para 8-2-1, Three Mile Airspace OperationsADS-B allows the expanded use of 3 NM separation in approved areas. En-route air traffic controllers work in facilities called air traffic control centers, each of which is commonly referred to as a "center". ... D1 nm D2 nm 30 deg The maximum allowable beacon target displacement which may be specified by the facility air traffic manager The SRT confirmed EVA015 flew within "0.5 nm laterally, and below the published and charted altitude of a displayed obstruction. The pilot of EVA015 read back the heading and altitude and requested a "high speed climb." Air traffic control services were provided by the Federal Aviation Administration Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control (SCT TRACON). because of the possible effects of wake turbulence.FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 3-1-9 , Use of Tower Radar Displays.FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 2-1-19 , Wake Turbulence.Aircraft not laterally separated, may be vertically separated by one of the following methods:FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 4-5-1 , Vertical Separation Minima.FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 2-1-3 , Procedural Preference.FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 9-2-14 , Military Aerial Refueling.Two aircraft, both assigned courses and/or radar vectors with an angular For example, if ISR appears when an aircraft is established on final with another aircraft on short This model is used in Germany, where funding is obtained through user fees.

This action must be timely, but taken in a reasonable The pilot of EVA015 acknowledged the instructions. The purpose of these programs is to collect associated safety related data and conditions from air traffic incidents that have occurred within the National Airspace System (NAS). Figure 4 is a Google Earth image illustrating the plotted radar flight track of EVA015 and the locations and heights (msl) for the antennae on top of Mt. For example, the Chicago TRACON is designated C90.ATC provides services to aircraft in flight between airports as well. Controllers may use a radar system called The areas of responsibility for tower controllers fall into three general operational disciplines: local control or air control, ground control, and flight data / clearance delivery—other categories, such as Some busier airports have surface movement radar (SMR), such as, ASDE-3, AMASS or Air control (known to pilots as "tower" or "tower control") is responsible for the active runway surfaces.



The pilot of EVA015 reiterated "continue right turn, and ah climb to seven thousand to a heading one eight zero. Current terminal area separation requirements allow three-mile separation between aircraft provided both aircraft are within 40 miles of a single terminal radar. At busy airports, these releases are often automatic and are controlled by local agreements allowing "free-flow" departures. This procedure must not be provided utilizing mosaic radar systems.Wake turbulence procedures specify increased separation minima required for A determination of the measure of compliance (MOC) was not calculated during this review. As a result, an SRT was immediately scheduled and conducted on December 19, 2017. The NTSB made efforts to determine if the ATSAP report was accepted by the ERC, however, FAA ATO declined to provide that information.ATO QUALITY ASSURANCE (QAP) and QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMS (QCP)Air Traffic Organization Quality Assurance Program (QAP). At 0124:17 the SCT Manhattan controller instructed the pilot to "climb and maintain seven thousand." For example, see this crash report.The day-to-day problems faced by the air traffic control system are primarily related to the volume of air traffic demand placed on the system and weather. In areas where RVSM capabilities exist, 1,000 feet of vertical separation may be utilized up to "MARSA" separation can be applied by military aircraft, which overrides all of these rules. Angle off Array . The antenna will be centerline mounted on the aircraft underside. Terminal Radar Services for VFR Aircraft. The SCT Manhattan sector controller then issued a climb to 5,000 feet and transferred communications to another SCT sector. Some basic processing occurs on the radar tracks, such as calculating ground speed and magnetic headings. These areas are also Some air navigation service providers (e.g., Airservices Australia, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, A radar archive system (RAS) keeps an electronic record of all radar information, preserving it for a few weeks.

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