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Vast efforts have been made, by individual farmers, national governments and through international development assistance, to counteract the cycle of poverty and land degradation by research and development of improved technology.

Clean water allows a deeper penetration of solar radiation into the water column, resulting in a heat gain in the deeper water strata.

A problem that occurs when a resource is open to all, without limit. Globally, more than 95% of food is obtained from areas of cultivation classified as ‘at-risk’ from degradation.

60, 191–228.There is also a strong link between desertification and emission of C from soil and vegetation of the dryland ecosystems. In developing countries, loss of soil viability, if sufficiently severe and protracted, results in malnutrition and starvation due to insufficient calorie and protein intake.Hence, soil degradation by erosion, contamination, salinization, and sealing all threaten soil biodiversity by compromising or destroying the habitat of the soil biota. Most are located in Africa, Asia, and Latin Americadevelopment that encourages forms of economic growth that meet the basic needs of the current generations of hmans and other species without preventing future generations of humans and other species form meeting their basic needs and discourages environmentally harmful and unsustainable forms of economic growthAnything obtained from the living and nonliving environment to meet human needs and wants. values of fish and trees beyond just their commercial exploitation). Most are renewable and owned by no one. The United Nations Millennium Ecosystem Assessment estimates that desertification threatens the semiarid and arid areas that comprise over a third of the earth's total land area, on which 2 billion inhabitants are dependent.

It gives the average slice of the economic pie per person. Products that are nonexcludable and nonrival in consumption, such as clean air and water. Over a quarter of China is also affected by desertification.High rainfall areas are also subject to massive soil loss. However, large-scale land clearing over the past century, to cater for an increasing rural population; the development of plantations; and the widespread exploitation by timber companies have significantly accelerated the process of soil loss.Most of the world's soils exhibit depletion in one or more elements essential for plant growth – including zinc, boron, iron, molybdenum, and manganese – thereby reducing crop yields. Recycling should be the last resort.What percentage of the metals and other nonrenewable materials that we use could be reused or recycled?• We could recycle at least 80% of the metals and other nonrenewable materials that we currently use.As our ecological footprints grow, we are depleting and degrading more of the earth's natural capital.Define and give three examples of environmental degradation (natural capital degradation).Natural capital degradation involves using resources at an unsustainable rate. The sun also powers indirect forms of solar energy such as wind and flowing water.the variety of genes, organisms, species, and ecosystems in which organisms exist and interact.

For example, a 65% decrease in mushroom species over a 20-year period has been reported in the Netherlands, and the Swiss Federal Environment Office has published the first-ever “Red-List” of mushrooms, detailing 937 known species that face possible extinction in Switzerland The flow of ecosystem services and their contribution to the well-being of humans and nature must be included in any economic assessment (Source: Adapted from Stewart, B.A., Robinson, C.A., 1997. In the Philippines, much of the terrain is steep and prone to monsoonal downpours, and high rates of erosion can, therefore, occur even without human involvement. History has shown that human beings have most often considered the forest as a space that must be cleared in order to develop activities other than forestry (particularly farming), and used, eventually beyond its capacity to regenerate itself, as a wood and forage resource. Mushrooms, for instance, are a group of soil organisms for which a relatively long history of records exists.

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