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The trek ahead was rough, with uneven terrain, which made her to frequently climb over or squeeze under huge tree logs that blocked her way.After walking for a while, she ended up finding a small creek, which she followed as taught by her father that flowing water leads to rivers which often means civilizations nearby.Over the next few days or so, Juliane stumbled through the rainforest following the water as it slowly grew from a trickle to a stream. As the plane dipped and heaved due to the turbulence, luggage and Christmas presents started felling off from the overhead lockers.While the passengers screamed and wept, there was a sudden bright flash as a lightning strike ignited the fuel tank into the right-wing, blowing a hole into the plane.Soon, Juliane found herself huddled under her airplane seat, muddy and alone, fading in and out of consciousness for the next 19 or so hours through the rest of the day and night.The next morning Juliane woke up and took stock of herself.

It was pitch black and people were screaming, then the deep roaring of the engines filled my head completely.Suddenly the noise stopped and I was outside the plane. Due to a rainy season, there were no fruits that she could pick either. Day One Of Juliane Koepcke’s Plane Crash Survival. It's not the green hell that the world always thinks.I could hear the planes overhead searching for the wreck but it was a very dense forest and I couldn't see them.I was wearing a very short, sleeveless mini-dress and white sandals.

The whispering of the wind was the only noise I could hear.I could see the canopy of the jungle spinning towards me. In 2000, famed director Werner Herzog made a documentary about Juliane’s ordeal, named For the documentary, Herzog actually located the crash site and cast Juliane herself retracing some of her steps. In hopes that there would be a settlement by the water, Juliane followed the sound, picking her up pace.She ended up at a bank of river, but to her disappointment, there were no humans or settlements in sight. The first thought I had was: "I survived an air crash. Exhausted and starving, Juliane was plagued with hallucinations of civilization, sometimes she saw the roof of a house or heard chicken clucking. She soon heard plane overhead looking to the wreck of Flight 508, but due to the dense tree canopy, they couldn’t locate it.This was the time Juliane knew that she had to remember all that she had learned in her childhood to survive through the forest before being found. There was a reason she is known as the “Miracle Girl”. I dread to think what her last days were like.The prominent pro-democracy supporter is accused of foreign collusion under controversial new laws. Fortunately, her watch was working and she knew it was around 9’o clock in the morning. Juliane Koepcke’s parents ran the Panguana Ecological Research Station in the Peruvian rainforest, and she’d spent years accompanying them on research trips into the jungle. Juliane lived in the jungle and was home-schooled by her mother and father when she was 14 Juliane not only survived a plane crash, falling from 9,800 feet, but she also survived 11 days through the Amazon rainforest before being found by a group of lumbermen.This all seems unbelievable at first, but behind the survival of Koepcke was her luck and the knowledge she gained from her parents at an early age. She once more lost her hopes, but still hadn’t given up to survive. But it was cold in the night and to be alone in that mini-dress was very difficult.On the fourth day, I heard the noise of a landing king vulture which I recognised from my time at my parents' reserve.I was afraid because I knew they only land when there is a lot of carrion and I knew it was bodies from the crash.When I turned a corner in the creek, I found a bench with three passengers rammed head first into the earth.I was paralysed by panic. Being too hungry and out of energy she tried to catch a frog to eat, but fortunately she was too slow, which was good because the frogs ended up being poisonous. My mother said very calmly: "That is the end, it's all over." My mother was anxious but I was OK, I liked flying.Ten minutes later it was obvious that something was very wrong.There was very heavy turbulence and the plane was jumping up and down, parcels and luggage were falling from the locker, there were gifts, flowers and Christmas cakes flying around the cabin.When we saw lightning around the plane, I was scared. These are external links and will open in a new window

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