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The flight time to Salt Lake was to be 1 hour 12 minutes at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet. At 1:37:26 a.m., Flight 2860 finally returned to the control tower frequency and said "Hello Salt Lake, United 2860 we're back."

Ten seconds later, at 1:37:54, the controller asked, "United 2860 do you have light contact with the ground?" The rescue team reported that no part of the airplane bigger than a briefcase survived the crash. The onboard terrain warning alarm probably activated in the cockpit for the last 8 to 10 seconds, but too late to avoid the mountain rising at a slope of 32 degrees. The Sheriff's Office organized a rescue team that found the bodies and debris. In short, the plane strayed into fatal terrain because of a failure of communication between air traffic controllers and the pilots; all were at fault. Aimee traveled here from Chicago to visit the site of her father's death 37 years ago just before Christmas when Aimee was only 9 years old. As a former pilot, I can think of nothing worse. (The tape got stuck on a capstan and stopped recording cockpit conversations several days earlier.)

Probably confused at the directive to break from the right-turn holding pattern, Flight 2860 replied, "Say again," and at 1:37:39 the controller repeated, "You're too close to terrain on the right side for the turn, make a left turn back to the VOR." . The controller on duty noticed Flight 2860's predicament, but was unable to contact the flight until it re-entered the approach frequency. . The "echo" of the crash could be seen on the mountainside for several years afterward. Witnesses in Kaysville and Fruit Heights saw an airplane flying low overhead. The flight crew was cited for their failure to adhere to established lack-of-communication guidelines, and lack of adherence to established holding procedures. One can only imagine the horrible feelings the crew experienced during those last 30 or so seconds, knowing they were likely to hit the mountain but unable to see it in the dark and unable to make the plane turn any sharper or climb any faster. It was not easy for her, but she did it! Those 8 seconds of hesitation were deadly. Seven seconds later the controller repeated, "United 2860, climb immediately, maintain 8,000," and four seconds after that, at 1:38:11, Flight 2860 uttered its final words: "United 2860 is out of six for eight." Join now to view geocache location details. The bodies were found at the far end of the debris path, on the back side of Ed's Peak in the heavy timber, about 1,200 feet from the place of impact.

Thanks for letting us join you on this special adventure. Most people get there by using the trail that starts near the gun range at Kaysville/Fruit Heights, and there are three other caches on the way along that trail. Flight 2860 replied, "Negative." Consequently, when the plane was on its eastbound leg of the rectangular holding pattern, the crew thought it had more allowable time to fly east than it really had. You can see the I added to the cache some letters, photos, news clippings and other personal papers that Steve Simpson's widow (Aimee's mother) asked to be placed in the cache. Fifteen seconds later, the same controller told Flight 2860 to climb to 8000 feet. Because Ed's Peak is about half way up the mountain from Kaysville and half way down the mountain from the top, there are no roads anywhere close to the crash site and the only feasible way for winter access was by helicopter.

The controllers intended for the plane to be on a holding radial of 330 degrees (the approach vector for a southern landing on runway 16R) which would keep the plane further westward and away from the Wasatch Mountains, while the crew thought (based on instrument settings found at the crash site) the proper radial was 360 degrees (true north).

The three flightcrew members, the only persons aboard the aircraft, were killed, and the aircraft was destroyed. The first answer was no. leave you for a little minute, we wanna call San Francisco a minute?" The controller immediately told Flight 2860 it was close to terrain on its right, and to institute an immediate left turn. "A minute later, at 1:22 a.m., the pilot asked, "Okay, now can we . The temperature was 41 degrees, with a light rain falling. Hidden . This note will not be visible to the public when your geocache is published.

The pilot and the maintenance staff concluded it was safe to land.However, that conversation with the maintenance crew turned out to take not a "little minute," but 7 1/2 minutes, while the maintenance center and the pilot carried on a diagnostic dialog. Flight 2860 responded, "Okay." As the NTSB reported, there were "numerous acts of omission and commission, the slight alteration of which probably could have prevented the accident." United Airlines Flight 2860 was a scheduled cargo flight from San Francisco, California to Chicago, Illinois, with an intermediate stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The controllers failed to clearly state what the holding pattern vector should be, and the crew failed to insist on clarification.In addition, the crew discontinued radio contact with the control tower for too long while checking on the landing gear light problem.

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