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In particular, "Handcent SMS" in particular is known to prevent Telerivet Gateway from receiving incoming SMS messages.
There are 29 SMS Expansion Packs, each allowing Telerivet to send an additional 100 SMS messages per hour (on older versions of Android) or 30 SMS messages per 30 minutes (on newer versions of Android). 8. Sometimes, your Android phone might not work as it should. The Telerivet Gateway app keeps track of its rate of SMS messages in order to avoid going over this limit. Pensive_By_Nature. The Telerivet Gateway app expects this, and automatically retries sending messages up to five times, with increasing delays between messages to avoid overloading your mobile network.By default, Android limits apps to only sending 100 SMS messages per hour (on older versions of Android) or 30 SMS messages per 30 minutes (on newer versions of Android). Are you using any kind of wifi based mechanism for calls and sms messages (e.g. Disable or uninstall Handcent SMS and any other non-standard SMS apps on your Android phone.This isn't supposed to happen, but if it does, and you downloaded the Telerivet Gateway app from Google Play, click the Report button to send us a crash report, and also send us an email at If there isn't a Report button when the app crashes, install the app from Google Play and send us a crash report the next time. If you receive a "generic failure" while sending messages, check your phone's incoming messages. To install expansion packs, open the Telerivet Android app, then click Another SMS app on your Android phone may be preventing Telerivet from detecting when your phone receives SMS messages. I have 2 phones:Ah Dual Sim, that is probably the issue. To debug problems sending messages, try sending messages with the Android phone's standard Messaging app, without using Telerivet. 8. When this happens, Telerivet often sends you an email with guidance to help you fix the problem. Here are the most common things that go wrong, and how to fix them:This typically means that your Android phone does not have internet access, is powered off, or the Telerivet Gateway app is disabled. All rights reserved. If sending messages fails from the Messaging app, then you … ​​​Hello, I'm trying to create a very simple macro that sends a predefined SMS to a predefined number.As you can see the error message available on Android for when an SMS fails are pretty awful and provide no useful info. With all expansion packs installed, your Android phone will be able to send up to 1800 SMS messages per hour, subject to limitations of your Android phone's hardware and the mobile network. It's probably trying to send on the wrong SIM or similar.Yes, the CUBOT is a Dual Sim Handset. Often the mobile network will send you an SMS explaining the reason why your phone was unable to send the SMS. If an app goes over this limit, Android will stop the app from sending messages until the user confirms that they really want to send more messages. / A large number of SMS is being sent. We encourage you to set up both Wi-Fi and mobile data so that the Telerivet Gateway app will continue working if one of the two networks is down.One of the most common errors encountered using the Telerivet Gateway app is the "generic failure" while sending messages.It is normal for the Android phone to encounter occasional errors when sending messages, especially when sending a lot of messages at once. It's probably trying to send on the wrong SIM or similar.Ah Dual Sim, that is probably the issue.

Share with: Link: Copy link. If your phone is using mobile data for its internet connection, it may not have internet access because it does not have sufficient credit with your mobile network.To check if your phone has internet access at all, open the Browser or Web app on your Android phone and try to open any website.To check if your phone has access to, open the Telerivet Gateway app on your Android phone and click the refresh button.To improve the reliability of your internet connection, keep the phone stationary in a location with good connectivity, and keep it plugged in to electricity. However, occasionally Telerivet Gateway's count may become incorrect, which can cause Android to display a prompt like "To avoid this limit, install SMS Expansion Packs.

{ERROR} Send SMS Failed, result = Generic failure..... Share. I have 2 SIM accounts so I can test what happens with both card slots filled sending a SMS to a 3rd number if you like?Thanks for the offer but I really need to develop with the hardware because there are lots of places where dual sim support would be needed and I would definitely have to test myself.This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our 13 posts 1; 2; Next {ERROR} Send SMS Failed, result = Generic failure..... {ERROR} Send SMS Failed, result = Generic failure..... Pensive_By_Nature.

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