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An air net had formed focusing on Kunming, connecting more than 60 large or middle cities , Southeastern countries and regions. are available as selections in this menu.

All countries represented in our database are included in this selection menu, which is updated automatically as the database grows. If you are looking for photos of a specific aircraft type, use this menu. Please note that, due to space constraints, this menu includes only airlines of which 10 or more photos exist in our database. You do not have any albums. Selecting a decade range will show all photos matching your other search criteria from the selected decade. You may select to display only photos from certain categories, such as Special Paintschemes, Flight Deck photos, etc.

Use this option to include only photos taken by a specific photographer in your search. : 'red soil'. Recently, it was dealing in 6 little branch planes. Airlines are listed in alphabetical order.

There are three options from which to choose: Additionally, decade ranges (1990-1999, etc.) Apart from a large-scale computer sales center, it had set up business departments and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Singapore and dispatched business representatives to 17 cities all over the country. Next, select a Keyword limiter. Its flight group was an experienced skilled one. There were 4 flight squads with 243 pilots, they have finished their tasks successfully for many times and gained a great fame for Yunnan Airline.

This pulldown menu, in addition to each photographer available as a search limiter, also shows the number of photos currently in the database for each specific photographer, enclosed in brackets.

China Yunnan Airlines was an airline transport enterprise directly attached to China Civil Air general bureau, mainly dealing with domestic, international, regional air business of passengers, freight, mails, luggage transportation, air food, air machine maintenance and air transport agency. There must be at least 20 photos from a specific airport in the database before that airport is added to this list. One of the special colours China Yunnan CRJs comes in on 18 (Nikon D70) : 627 Location & Date Singapore - Changi (SIN / WSSS) Singapore - February 2000 Caption Pictured carrying Expo 99 colours Photographer Andrew Hunt. Use this option to include only photos taken in a specific year in your search.

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It was merged into China Eastern Airlines in 2002. Your account has been created. Some menu selections include a generic aircraft model, as well as more specific variants of that airliner. Note: The total number of photos, enclosed in brackets, is updated four (4) times hourly, and may be slightly inaccurate. The red color represents the famous red earth of Dongchuan District in Yunnan Province; in fact, Hongtu in the airline's name, is a transliteration of Chinese: 红土; lit.

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