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To have a flogg or someone’s just had a flogg means something else entirely. Who knows that the words we call slang today may become part of the regular English someday and may come into writing as well.Already knew most of these but you could me with a fewWhat about the word Chockers …full up or the road is completely filled with carschuck a blocky- similiar to a U-ie except wider going round a block, also used when searching for a house or placei have never called a beer a tinny a tinny is a small metal boat change this pleaseThis depends on what state you come from inner cities sometimes do not recognize these sayingsI went fishin’ in my tinny the other day, and I ran into this charter boat.Pissed off can also mean there just really annoyed, not just drunkTinny may be a area or state saying, like grouse in Victoria meaning great.A lot of non Aussies would definitely not get a lot of these terms, even Maccas as Mcdonalds sounds a bit far off. Quick Daily Lessons. It can be used for anything that is broken or worn out.

Hate change, being too serious, and political correctnessI recognise a lot of this, we used similar slang growing up in Liverpool, and what I didn’t use I recognise from Neighbours and The Sullivans( ‘Fair crack of the whip’, ‘Good egg’ ):-)I’m trying to find a real vernacular aussie word meaning ‘good at’ . It’s worth noting that Aussies have a tendency to shorten most words in the English vocabulary as well. Didn’t see no mention of any Rangas (red heads) in this list.

A word a male would use, something not as crude as say, ‘She’s the dog’s boxxocks at her job’. Some of the phrases posted are also Cockney rhyming slang, such as Frog and Toad for road. – fantastic, great. 4. “Oddly though, some of these words end up being longer than they were originally. (And some have very different meanings for the same word or expression).Some of these are old & were used as i was growin up … every area is different … durry use to be used in the 70s now its more ciggy. Who cares about yer hands mate.hahaha had a convo with a friend and he got so confusedSome clown went walkabout out woop woop and got eaten by a wombat! Now out of the Military and 60-yrs young, I still speak Aussie than anything.I’m really surprised you don’t have shrimp on a bobby on here!

!or if you dont agree and want to be slightly sarcastic you say yeh nah in a low tone or if you agree you can say nah yeh lolall a bit out dated i reckon , need to upgrade to this century man#89 It’s not so your hands don’t get cold while your drinking…’For Pete’s Sake’ It’s so your beer stays cold, yer Drongo. For instance, if your mate takes some chips off your plate without asking, you might equate him to a scavenger and say “Piss off ya mongrel!”It can also be an insult though. And when he kisses you it's like you're underwater (its amazing). Yeah, these people do have a slang term for everything. I always assumed it’s because a penis in a tight ‘environment’ looks like the shape of a small trapped bird!If one were to follow that logic they’d be called pelican smugglersThat is where the name came from lol where else would that name come from?I’m pretty sure that it was not a literal thing but rather the fact that it appears that a budgie is in the blokes cossie, and it would be weird to call them after another bird, the sulphur crested cockatoo, or a cockie, because it would be too literal and definitely make some feel inadequate.Don’t think i would be brave enough to shove a parrot down there! And the more time I spent with all my mates, the more I found myself speaking and thinking both Irish & Australian. Sometimes, I just wish people would check these ridiculous lists with a local linguist.Hi Stephen, thanks for your input.

Australian English is similar to British English, but many common words differ from American English—and there are many unique Aussie idiosyncrasies, slang terms, and expressions. It’s so entertaining, you’ll become addicted. Some are just ‘Barry McKenzie’ joke slang, but not in real use.

Preferably amusing?Or ducks nuts!

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