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There is a slight concave on the outer edges of the deck where you plant your feet, which gives a really solid grip and makes your feet feel like they’re not going anywhere.I was lucky to know/find someone who had one nearby, so I was able to take a day-trip & go pick it up locally, but according to the website, wait-time is looking like a month (though with covid’s economic damage, that wait-time could possibly be slightly longer)I’ve never had to deal with customer support (I recently got my board in March), but I’ve had friends who have dealt with them, and they say they’ve had decent quality service.I was able to luck out in getting mine for $800 (it helps to find a board locally), but on the website, Backfire is selling the G3 Plus for $999 (basically $1k) if you choose “sea shipping”, otherwise, that number then goes up to “$1150” if you choose “air shipping” instead.For the person who can spend up to 1k, enjoys a premium board, likes to ride in style, and who is genuinely serious about e-skating (kept to mostly smooth roads of course).
67% Upvoted. My final nitpick on the G3 Plus is that the LED ambient lights can be annoying. 85mm wheels are what many think are the optimum size and 96mm are practically semi-AT; many people, including myself, like the safety in size. Posted by 1 month ago.

While the battery pack is objectively large and good, the ability to Turbo the whole distance probably means you can drain it way faster than you are supposed to. It’s a 346wh pack that has a marketed range of up to 25 miles or 40km, but I managed to kill it in just 15miles or 24km, riding in Turbo mode with the 96mm wheels on. cost isnt a factor for me i just wanna know which board would be best for daily use but had nice power if i wanna feel speedy.

=PCompare to other boards of the same price, one other big change for the G3 Plus is the inclusion of 96mm wheels. ADD TO CART. It rides comfortably on any road surface, good or bad, at high and slow speeds. And they finally allow the turbo mode to be switched on without cooldown! I guess that’s because the spot on the nose of the deck is taken, so you will probably have to go with shredlights for this oneAt the end of the day, the Backfire G3 Plus is all about a comfortable and relaxing ride.

Continuing the tradition of the G2T, the G3 Plus is going to ship with both 85mm wheels and 96mm wheels. Aside from its fantastic performance, this board is loaded with features, such as… Skip to content. If you haven’t heard of the G3 Plus model, which is Backfire’s top-line street board, you need to read this piece about this every-other-board-killer, long-range longboard. Braking strength too remains unchanged, which I feel is perfect for most riders.
Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200) $899.00. You know who you are. The Backfire G3 Plus recently got released and got my attention. Would you recommend another board? Changing speeds is still a perfectly smooth process. Although G3 Plus’s range and top speed is nothing to brag about, it is by no means weak. Backfire G3 Plus with Carbon Fiber Deck and Ultra Long Range. R3 Wireless Remote with OLED Display For G3 / G3 Plus Only Fixed speed road cruise Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection, odometer Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometers Wheel diameter setting: 83mm, 96mm or 165mm Looking at it closely, the G3 Plus does have the premium polish and looks that make it worthy of the price tag. In my opinion, the carbon fiber deck plays a big part in it. I had very good experience with their customer service so I know the company is reliable. If you haven’t heard of the G3 Plus model, which is Backfire’s top-line street board,   you need to read this piece about this every-other-board-killer, long-range longboard. This, again, is going to add to the versatility of the G3 Plus, catering to lovers of both small and large wheels. Wowgo 3x VS Backfire G3 Plus. $999.00 ADD TO CART. The Backfire G3 is one of the BEST high-end skateboards on the market.

You can get to the marketed range if you ride on Standard mode and on 85mm wheels, but power users will definitely need to lower their expectations when it comes to range.The 2nd nitpick I have on the G3 Plus is the top speed, which is only about 27.5mph or 44kmh. The Backfire G3 is the third generation of electric longboards created by the Chinese brand.

Overall, I think Backfire did a pretty great job with the G3 Plus, but there are always things to nitpick on, and for G3 Plus that happens to be about the numbers.The G3 Plus rocks a pack of 12s2p Samsung 21700 40T batteries. Pushing for higher top-speeds was never Backfire’s forte, and the G3 Plus did nothing to change that.Many will tell you there is no value having a top speed higher than that of 27mph but for $999, I would prefer my board to have top speed ceiling that I won’t be able to hit. This quality board is a must-have for the collection of the Rider who goes the long-mile.Copyrights 2020 | All rights is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I love this board and riding any other backfire model just doesn’t measure up to the overall specs of the G3 Plus especially with an insane battery for long-distance & longer deck for tall riders with a wide stance.There are 5 noticeable specs that make the G3 Plus standout apart from the G3 model.The acceleration upon hitting the throttle is almost instantaneous on S & T modes.

A new carbon fiber deck, 12s battery and ESC, stronger hub motors, and the back truck has been upgraded to the Caliber II. This board is the top-line model for all Backfire street-wheel boards. The board has enough flex to absorb bumps, but still stiff like carbon fiber should be.

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