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Seen on fightersDescribe reverse thrust, its purpose, and what types of aircraft are capable of it?Used after landing to shorten runway and ground roll. Test. levers: second class. Also known as G-loadingAircraft's initial tendency relative to its lateral axis after being disturbed, its designed quality to return to its trimmed angle of attack after being disrupted due to a wind gust or other factorAircraft's ability to change directions in three axes along its flightpath and withstand the associated aerodynamic forcesAn imaginary line between the leading and trailing edges and halfway between the airfoil's upper and lower surfacesThe point on the total drag curve where total drag is minimized and lift is maximized (Where lift/drag ratio is greatest)An enclosure made of metal or another durable material that covers an aircraft engineNon-symmetrical airfoil (cambered): Define and list advantages and disadvantagesWhen one surface of an airfoil's curvature does not match the other's. Match.

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Some high-performance jets pivot doors open on engines, greatly decelerating planeWhat the aircraft lands on. Effect increases as you get closer to the ground, supports the aircraft on a cushion of air, best at elevation = 1/2 wingspanA surface installed on a wingtip that is angled to the wing and improves its efficiency by smoothing the airflow across the upper wing near the tip. Create. IE or Firefox are the preferred browsers.

Created by. They are used to perform banking turnsWhat is a trim tab? Flashcards.

Mechanical Comprehension 4.

If you answer the questions in order:the ASTB Study Supplement Book Math Skills start from #208-228, consisting of questions formed from the lectures and the practice test section of the packet.

PLAY. Crucial in terms of aircraft's rolling stability about its longitudinal axisAir that is deflected perpendicular to an airfoil's motionA dimensionless quantity that represents the drag generated by an airfoil of a particular designA contracted image of the amount of aircraft drag at different airspeedsDescribes the tendency of an aircraft after it has been disturbed from straight-and-level flight to restore the aircraft to its original conditionA controllable-pitch propeller that can be rotated sufficiently by the pilot so that the blade angle is parallel to the line of flight, thereby minimizing dragA pilot-controlled maneuver where the aircraft's longitudinal axis is inclined to its flight pathRatio between altitude lost and distance traversed during non-powered flightAircraft's path across the ground while approaching landTotal weight of aircraft when fully loaded with passengers, cargo, fuel, weapons, etcThe attribute of rotating bodies to manifest movement ninety degrees in the direction of rotation from the point where a force is applied to the spinning bodyThe direction in which the aircraft's nose is pointedA mechanical device that produces power from expanding hot gases created by burning a fuel-air mixture within a deviceAn aircraft's initial tendency relative to its longitudinal axis after being disturbed, its designed quality to return to level flight following a disturbance such as a gust that causes one wing to dropA dimensionless quantity that represents the lift generated by an airfoilA number that represents an airfoil's efficiency. Log in Sign up. Start studying ASTB Study Guide. AOA is an aerodynamic angleThe inclination of the wing or tail surface attached to the fuselage relative to an imaginary line that is parallel to the aircraft's longitudinal axisThe downward angle of an airplane's wings and tail plane from the horizontalAn aircraft's position relative to its three axes an a reference such as the earth's horizonAn aircraft's center of mass, where the weight of the plane can be assumed to be concentratedThe distance between the leading and trailing edges along the chord line. Average chord is average distance, in the case of tapered airfoilA controllable pitch propeller whose angle is automatically changed in flight by a governor in order to maintain a constant number of revolutions per minute despite changing aerodynamic loadsA measure of an aircraft's response relative to flight control inputs from the pilotA propeller that can be varied in terms of its blade angle by the pilotWhen the pilot applies flight and power control inputs to prevent slipping or skidding during any aircraft maneuverThe angle of attack at which an airfoil stalls (loses lift) regardless of speed, attitude or weightThe upward angle of an airplane's wings and tail plane from the horizontalThe amount of roll moment produced per degree of sideslip. Reduce the need for constant pilot pressure on the joystick or pedals.

What is another name for them?

Measured from equator. Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory 6. Log in Sign up.

Where are they found on the plane (multiple places)? PLAY. Located at front edge of wing. Each one operates in the direction opposite of another, controlling the plane's rolling motion. (if airspeed is doubled, parasite drag is increased 4 times; = airspeed squared)Generated by the airflow circulation around the wing as it creates lift.

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